Despite its mountainous position, various parts of Bhutan are not as cold as you may imagine. The southern part of Bhutan enjoys a sub-tropical temperature, with winter temperatures of around 15 degrees, rising to around 30 degrees or more in summer. The east of the country is normally warmer, but it gets colder the higher up you go. The Himalayan Mountains are snow-capped all time round, and the mountain temperatures fluctuate fewer, from chilly in winter to 10 degrees in summer. It’s possible to travel Bhutan throughout the year, and there’s a busy calendar of festivals taking place all year, around which you can plan your trip to Bhutan.

Autumn season is the most common time to visit Bhutan, and many visitors arrive for the large festivals during this season.

The Bhutanese weather in spring is enjoyable and wildflowers blossom Bhutan is minimum crowded in summer, as it is the rainy season. The monsoon climate is not quite as bad as might be likely, so it is still worth visiting even though mountain views and vegetation view.

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