1. Guiding Principles:

As a principle of state policy, the Royal Government of Bhutan strives to promote goodwill and cooperation with nations, foster respect for international law and treaty obligations, and encourage settlement of international disputes by peaceful means in order to promote international peace and security.

2. Objectives:

The objectives of Bhutan’s foreign policy are as follows:

To enhance and maintain national security’s Promote world peace and security by engaging in meaningful dialogue with the international community. Promote and contribute towards international understanding and cooperation as well as international peace and security on the basis of peaceful co-existence

3.  Economic and Trade:

Develop and expand mutually beneficial bilateral, regional and multilateral economic and trade cooperation

Contribute towards the development of a dynamic and a sustainable economy through mobilization of external resources

4. Approach:

Bhutan continues to develop and maintain friendly relations with all countries in the region and beyond. Bhutan plays an active role as a responsible member of the international community

The overall foreign policy objectives have been fulfilled by keeping Bhutan’s friends and development partners regularly informed of the developments in the country through our diplomatic missions and embassies. RGoB also exchanges visits at various levels, organizes international seminars, conferences, cultural and religious exhibitions about Bhutan, and participation in bilateral and multilateral meetings including at the summit levels. MFA engages with the regional and international media to promote greater awareness of our country.


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