Tourism and travel is one of the fastest increasing industries in the world impacting almost all the countries because of the huge opportunities it deals – adding countries GDP, creating employments, supplementary livelihoods, nurturing cultural and natural heritage. Likewise Bhutan with its unique culture and pristine environment is considered as one of the top tour destinations. Started in 1974 Bhutan practiced its tourism development based on a policy of ‘high value low impact’.

This cautious approach not only helped to produce the much-needed revenue for socio-economic development but also shielded the country from many of the negative impacts and pitfalls of tourism growth.

In the recent years Bhutan has experienced unprecedented growth in visitor arrivals. Although this has brought significant contribution to revenue generation it is coming at a cost of undermining the policy of low impact on the cultural and natural heritage. Tourism development is at a cross roads with temptations to make quick benefits endangering the long-term opportunities.

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