• add_boxHow can I book my Holiday to Bhutan?
    "Booking a holiday to Bhutan is not as difficult as you may think. It is very simple. First you have to choose your Travel Agent like us and enquire about the Tour Package with Price. You must remember, the minimum daily Tour Price is fixed by the Royal Government of Bhutan and there is nothing much to deliberate. The next is to choose your tour program. Once your tour program and date and time of travel are fixed, you can make your full tour payment in advance to the Tourism Council of Bhutan with our company as your ultimate beneficiary. Upon receiving your full payment, After two to three days of the full payment, your visa can be processed and be sent to you. Please sent scanned copy of your Valid Passport. This ensures that your tour to Bhutan has been booked and you are ready to go."
  • add_boxHow can I enter Bhutan?
    Bhutan can be entered by Air and Land. By Air the Entry Points are:
    1. Bangkok to Paro.
    2. Dhaka to Paro.
    3. Katmandu to Paro.
    4. Kolkata to Paro.
    5. Delhi to Paro.
    6. Singapore to Paro.
    By Land, the Entry Points are:
    1. Bagdora to Phuntsholing.
    2. Bagdora to Gelephu.
    3. Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar.
    Note: Exit can also be done through the same Entry Points.
  • add_boxWhat are Included in the Minimum Tariff Payment?

    The minimum daily tour price is fixed by the Royal Government of Bhutan. The rate includes all basic services like accommodation, food, transport, driver, guide and crew. A part of these fees are used for the development of the country (infrastructure, health service…). For groups of less than three, the Royal Government of Bhutan imposes surcharges. In the figure below, surcharges are separated from minimum daily tour prices. Please visit Tourism Department official website:

    Rates for groups (3 persons minimum):

    minimum daily tour price peak season USD 250 per person per night off-season USD 200 per person per night Rates for 2 persons:

    minimum daily tour price peak season USD 280 + 30 per person per night off-season USD 230 + 30 per person per night Rates for individuals:

    minimum daily tour price peak season USD 290 + 40 per person per night off-season USD 240 + 40 per person per night Peak season: March – May, September – November

    Off-season: December – February, June – August

    The following are included in the Minimum Tariff Payment:

    1. A sustainable development fee of USD 65 per person per night, this levy goes towards free education, free healthcare, poverty alleviation, along with the building of infrastructure.
    2. 2% Government Tax per Person per Night.
    3. Accommodation in a Standard Tourist Hotel Approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. All Meals.
    4. Daily Mineral Water
    5. English Language Speaking Guide.
    6. Comfortable and Luxurious Imported Cars for Internal Transportation with Skilled Driver.
    7. Entrance fees for Museums.
    8. Trekking Equipment and Haulage for Trekking Tours.
    9. Porter and Pony Charges while on trekking.

    Entire tour payment must be settled at least 6 weeks prior to date of arrival in Bhutan and VISA is cleared by Government subject to advance payment only.


    Your funds are held in the government account and will not be released to BOOK BHUTAN TOUR until after your tour has taken place. This provides you with the security of knowing that your money is safe until your holiday takes place. If for any reason the trip doesn’t go ahead then the government will not give your money to BOOK BHUTAN TOUR but will return it to you (subject to any cancellation charges which apply if you have cancelled the trip).

    Please deposit / transfer the payment to following Bank according to your nationality.

    US DollarBank of America, New York, USABOFAUS3N6550691700
    US DollarStandard Chartered Bank Ltd., New York, USASCBLUS33358-202-171-9001
    US DollarStandard Chartered Bank Ltd., SingaporeSCBLSGSG01-7-005970-7
    US DollarKasikornbank PCL, Bangkok, ThailandKASITHBK400-95-1003-1
    Australian DollarCommonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney, AustraliaCTBAAU2SXXX06796710002656
    EuroStandard Chartered Bank Ltd., Frankfurt, GermanySCBLDEFX18155200IBAN-DE05512305000018155200
    Great Britain PoundStandard Chartered Bank Ltd.,LondonSCBLGB2L01706885901IBAN-GB21SCBL60910417068859
    Japanese YenStandard Chartered Bank Ltd., Tokyo, JapanSCBLJPJT2342855-1110

    Ultimate Beneficiary: Account No: 0100021220001 of Book Bhutan Tour maintained with BNB, Thimphu, Bhutan.

    Note: Copy of this bank transfer shall be emailed / faxed to us for necessary follow-up with the Bank.

  • add_boxWhat is the difference between Luxury Tour and Standard Tour?
    Luxury Tour is determined by the type of Accommodation, Hotel Meals and Vehicles we use. The Luxury tour is available only in Paro, Punakha, Phubjekha, Thimphu and Bumthang. When you proceed further to the East of Bhutan, the quality of Accommodation and Meals do not meet the defined standard of International Luxury Tours. For Luxury Tours, you have to make additional payment to the minimum standard Tariff Payment. While Standard tour is covered within the Minimum Tariff Payment regulated by the Royal Government of Bhutan and the standard of accommodation, meals and vehicles are set by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.
  • add_boxHow can I Process my Bhutan Visa?
    The Bhutanese visa process may appear complicated, but is actually quite straight forward once you understand it. Most countries issue visas from their embassies abroad and stamp it in your passport, but not Bhutan. Bhutanese embassies abroad cannot issue Visas for travel to Bhutan. You must apply in advance through a tour operator such as Book Bhutan Tour and receive approval before you travel to Bhutan. Visas are approved by the Immigration Department in Thimphu, with which you allowed to enter Bhutan or board the Druk Air flight and Bhutan Airlines. The actual visa is stamped on the passport upon arrival in the country, either at Paro airport or (if entering by road) at Phuentsholing. You just need to provide us details as per your passport that should include your name, permanent address, occupation, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number, more than six months valid and its date and place of issue and date of expiration. There is no need to send the pictures or sign the visa application at this time. Double-check that the information you send is correct; if there are any discrepancies when you arrive in Bhutan, there will be further delays and complications. With the exception of visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all other visitors to Bhutan need a visa. Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can obtain a visa or entry permit at the port of entry on producing a valid passport with a minimum of 6 month validity (Indian nationals may also use their Voters Identity Card (VIC)). All applications for tourist visas must be initialized by a Bhutanese tour operator such as Book Bhutan Tour. The operator submits the visa application to Department of Tourism (DOT) in Thimphu. It, in turn, checks that you have completely paid for the trip and then issues an approval letter to the tour operator. With this approval in hand, the tour operator then makes a final application to the Department of Immigration, which then takes about a week to process the Visa. In emergencies we are able to make special request for expedited process.
  • add_boxWhich is the best time to Travel to Bhutan?
    Bhutan is a year round Tourist Destination and every season or month is the best time. However, depending on climate and festivals, the season is defined either as High or Low seasons. Hence, the best time could be season time and good time can be low season time. However, if you are looking for low cost and good time, we consider the months of January, June and July as the Best time. During this time, you will see fewer foreigners in Bhutan and you have the luxury of enjoying your privacy. When it comes to Hotels also, you have more choices and you will also receive special attention both from the Hoteliers and your Agent since there won’t be many guests and it can be well taken care.
  • add_boxTell me about the Climatic conditions in Bhutan?

    Months of February, March and April are the spring time in Bhutan and you will experience very less rainfall, with increasing temperature. You will also come across various flowers including rhododendrons on the hills and mountains. April to September will experience the summer season in Bhutan with moderate rainfall. It will be warm in the Inner and Greater Himalayas Zones while hot in the Southern foothill regions. The months of October and November will experience the autumn or fall season where plant vegetation will start shedding their leaves. At this point of time, there will be heavy winds and the atmosphere will be dustier. Temperature will fall very low and on the higher mountains, there will be light snowfalls and ice. December and January months will experience the winter and it will be very cold. If you are lucky, you will come across heavy snowfalls in Inner and Greater Himalayas zones while there will be rain in the southern foothills. According to these climatic conditions, you may have to bring your clothes and shoes.

    Climatic table ThimphuJanFebMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDec
    Day temperature °C121416202324192523211815
    Night temperature °C-2-1261215141614114-1
    Rainy days46612202428206421
    Precipitation (cm)14351323383517521
    Humididty (%)585061697681868280727168
    Solar hours per day (h/d)767753023556
  • add_boxWhat do you mean by Surcharge?
    It is an extra payment that you have to pay if you are traveling in a group less than three people. Surcharge helps the government and the Travel agent to cover up the Transportation and standard hotel expenses. Hence, for group of two people, USD 30/- charge per Person per Night while for one Person, the USD 40/- per Person per Night is charged.
  • add_boxCan I bring Cash or Visa Cards with me after making my Full Tour Payments?

    It depends on Individuals. As far as we are concerned, it will work out even if you do not bring any cash since all your inbound Tour expenses shall be covered from your Tour Payments. However, if you wish to do some shopping and experience various club entertainments, you may have to bring some cash preferably in US Dollars. But there are facilities for Visa and Master Cards and you can bring them too.

  • add_boxHow can I book my Air Tickets?

    You can book your Air Ticket either through us or one of the Ticketing Agent approved by the Druk Air Corporation Ltd and Bhutan Airlines. We would suggest you to book the Air Tickets through us since we would be charging only the minimal service charges while the Ticketing Agents would charge commissions as well as their service charges. Hence, it will be little cheaper and convenience in booking the Air Tickets through us only, since we know the travel itinerary.

  • add_boxIf I bring more than ten friends in my group for more than 10 Days, willI get any discount?

    Yes, if you bring 10 people in your group for more than 8 days under your initiative, you will be given 50% Discount on your total tour Payments. Further, you will also be given the status of the Tour Leader and there are certain amenities that you would enjoy while you are here in Bhutan. If you bring in more than 15 people in a group for more than 8days, you will be given 100% discount including the tour leader status and you will enjoy certain amenities from us as our appreciation.

  • add_boxCan I get other language speaking Guides besides the English Speaking Guides?

    Yes, we have French, Japanese, German; Chinese and Italian Speaking Guides. But for these Guides, you have to pay the USD 100/-  Per Day.

  • add_boxDo I need travel Insurances?

    Yes, Book Bhutan Tour is committed to a careful preparation of the tour, but cannot foresee all risks and contingencies. In view of these risks, participation is at your own risk. For your own safety of the traveler is to take out a luggage, accident, travel liability and travel insurance that covers the costs of repatriation in case of accident or illness, as a cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. These are not included in the cruise price. In addition, Swiss nationals are recommended REGA patronage.

  • add_boxWhat makes your Travel Agent different to Other Travel Agents?

    Our Travel agent is small and does not receive more number of guests unlike other big companies. This gives us ample time to focus on giving immense attention to our Guests as well as the quality of our services.

    Further, we do not give heavy discount to our guests that often compromise the Quality Accommodation, Meals; Transportation and the Tour Programs. We are also known for our high degree of honesty and integrity with vast knowledge on the subject of tourism. Hence, with humble status and quality service and trust worthy status.

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