National situational update on COVID-19
Data as of 13th May 2020

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For Global situation update :…/novel-coronavirus-…/situation-reports/

Definition of transmission type:

1. No cases: Countries/territories/areas with no confirmed cases (not shown in table)
2. Sporadic cases: Countries/territories/areas with one or more cases, imported or locally detected
3. Clusters of cases: Countries/territories/areas experiencing cases, clustered in time, geographic location and/or by common exposures
4. Community transmission: Countries/area/territories experiencing larger outbreaks of local transmission defined through an assessment off actors including, but not limited to:
-Large numbers of cases not link-able to transmission chains
-Large numbers of cases from sentinel lab surveillance
-Multiple unrelated clusters in several areas of the country/territory/area

Stay Informed, Stay Safe!

Prime Minister’s Office – PMO, Bhutan
Sowai Lyonpo
Dechen Wangmo

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